Hillary Scott Reveals The Heart-Wrenching Story Behind Her Song ‘Thy Will’

Sitting on the set of Good Morning America, Hillary Scott smiles tentatively, appearing to prepare herself as she keeps a promise she made to her fans: When the time was right, she said, she would share the very personal events that inspired her faith-based song “Thy Will.”

To put things in context…

It was early 2015 when Hillary’s dad, Lang Scott, sat down with her to discuss collaborating on a collection of songs to send out to family members and close friends; a thank you gift for their support during her grandfather’s battle with cancer. It would be a family project to include Hillary’s mom, Linda Davis; younger sister, Rylee Scott; Hillary’s husband, Chris Tyrell; Hillary and her father.

She discusssed the opportunity with Chris and, after seeking God in prayer, they knew they wanted to be involved; however, they had a suggestion. Why not reach more people for greater impact?

“I came back really feeling, if I’m gonna do this, I want everybody to hear it. I want everybody in the whole world to have the opportunity to hear these songs and to find peace in them and to find Hope and Faith,” Hillary says.

Taking a hiatus from other projects, the family came together with some additional industry experts, including Bernie Herms and Ricky Scaggs, and made the album Love Remains (July 29, 2016).Thy Will” is the debut single from the album. It released earlier this year and Hillary calls it her “letter to God”.

“I wrote this song about a very recent experience that left me heartbroken, asking why, and facing some of my most difficult days. This song is my letter to God. As I ask some really hard questions, I hold onto the truth that there is so much to the story of my life that I can’t see. But, that i still choose to trust Him.”

Hillary’s been private about the details behind the song, only revealing that it inspired by very personal events. She wanted people to hear “Thy Will” through their life stories; before hers was revealed.

The right time…

It’s Monday, June 20, 2016 and Hillary begins to speak, a catch evident in her voice as she wipes away tears and shares how she and Chris were expecting their second child, only to lose the baby to a miscarriage in the fall of 2015.

Creating her “letter to God” song, and all that goes with it (studio work, family collaboration, filming the music video), is helping them to heal. Her relationship with her two-year-old daughter, Eisele, is shifting, too.

“I’m a different mom to her now,” Hillary says. “I hug her a lot tighter.”

“Thy Will Be Done,” she sings. 



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